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Hand Cleaner, Soap, & Cream
Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner
Light Duty Hand Cleaner
Cutan Healthcare Products
Bar Soaps
Hand Sanitizer
Before Work Cream
After Work Cream
Heavy Duty Soap Dispensers
Light Duty Soap Dispensers
Hand Sanitizer Dispensers
Hand Cream Dispensers
Paper Products
Standard Toilet Rolls
Jumbo Toilet Rolls
Interleaved Toilet Tissue
Roll Towel
Centrefeed Towel
Interleaved Towel
Facial Tissues
Table Napkins/Serviettes
Medical Products / Wipes
Industrial Wiping Paper
Toilet Seat Covers
Toilet Seat Cleaner
Paper Dispensers
Standard T/Roll Dispensers
Jumbo T/Roll Dispensers
I/Leaved T/Tissue Dispensers
Roll Towel Dispensers
Centrefeed Towel Dispensers
Interleaved Towel Dispensers
Facial Tissue Dispensers
Medical Paper Dispensers
Toilet Seat Cover Dispensers
Heavy Duty Soap Dispensers
Liquid Soap Dispensers
Hand Sanitizer Dispensers
Hand Cream Dispensers
Standard T/Roll Dispensers
Jumbo T/Roll Dispensers
I/Leaved T/Tissue Dispensers
Roll Towel Dispensers
Centrefeed Towel Dispensers
Interleaved Towel Dispensers
Facial Tissues Dispensers
Medical Products Dispensers
Toilet Seat Cover Dispensers
Toilet Seat Cleaner Dispenser
Air Freshener Dispensers
Electric Hand Dryers
Packaging Products
Latex Disposable
Latex Low Powdered
Latex Powder Free
Vinyl / TPE Disposable
Blue Vinyl Powder Free
Clear Vinyl Powder Free
Blue TPE Powder Free
Nitrile Disposable
Blue Nitrile Powder Free
Black Nitrile Extra Heavy Duty Powder Free
Polyethylene Disposable
Yellow Flocklined
PVC Chemical Gloves
Blue Silverlined
Pink Silverlined
Green Nitrile
Candy Stripe
Synthetic & Cut Resistant Gloves
Glove Holders / Dispensers
Chemicals - Actichem
Carpet & Fabric Care
Extraction & Acid Rinse
Encapsulation Cleaning
Upholstery & Fine Fabric
Deodorisers & Sanitizers
Leather Care
Defoamers & Specialty
Stone & Tile Care
Cleaning, Degreasing & Restoration
Penetrating Sealers
Polishes & Topical Coatings
Construction Stone & Concrete Solutions
Problem Solvers
Chemicals - Agar
All Purpose & Floor Cleaners
Air Fresheners
Bleach/Chlorinated Cleaners
Carpet Care
Disinfectants & Anti-Bac Detergents
Floor Sealers/Polish/Maintainers
Floor Strippers
Food Processing Products
Furniture Polish
Glass Cleaning Products
Graffiti Removers
Green Cleaning Products
Heavy Duty Detergents
Kitchen & Bar Cleaners & Sanitizers
Laundry Products
Personal Care
Specialty Products
Spray & Wipe Cleaners
Stainless Steel Care
Toilet & Bathroom
Vehicle Cleaning Products
Vehicle Polishes & Specialty Products
Chemicals - Pro-Clean
Floor/Hard Surface
Spray & Wipe
Window Cleaner
Air Freshener
Hand Soap
Heavy Duty
Light Duty
Hand Sanitizer
Floor Polish/Stripper/Maint.
Carpet Care
Food Industry
Graffiti Remover
Chemicals - Pro-Clean Car Wash & Detailing Products
Vehicle Shampoos
Vehicle Fragrances
Vehicle Carpet Cleaners
Vehicle Degreasers
Vehicle Glass Cleaners
Vehicle Heavy Duty & Multi Purpose Cleaners
Vehicle Plastic, Rubber & Vinyl Dressings
Vehicle Tyre Shine
Vehicle Wheel Acids
Chemicals - Armor Plate
Chemicals - Enzyme Wizard
Chemicals - Diversey
Chemicals - Septone
Kitchen / Food Service
Glass / Window Cleaners
General Purpose Cleaners
Toilet & Washroom
Disinfectant / Odour Control
Floor Care
Soaps / Sanitizers
Dispensers / Brackets
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Truck Wash
Solvents & Paint Stripper
Metal Cleaners
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IV Therapy
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Surface Cleaning Wipes
Guest Amenities & Hospitality Products
Guest Amenities
Sea Spa
Outback Essence
Olive Oil Skincare
Envirolux Green Range
Earth Range
Body & Soul Range
Secure Accesories Range
White Accessories Collection
Body Zone Classic
Body Zone Lifestyle
Natural Evolution
Spa Collection
Aroma Therapy
Hydro Basics
Pure Herbs
Smart Care System
Press + Wash System
Natural Essence
Squeeze & Lather
Marine Collection
Hair Dryers
Vacuum Cleaners
Sachet Holders, Trays
Sachet Holders
Waste Bins
Stainless Steel
Pedal Bins
Stainless Steel
Powder Coated
Lid Bins
Public Areas
Recycling Bins
Botanical Tableware Bags / Hygiene Products
Luggage Racks
Clothes Hangers & Accessories
Security Hangers
Tissue Boxes
Amenity Trays
Carts and Trolleys
Slippers, Bath Robes etc
Portion Chemicals
Odour Control Products
Nilium Premium Odour Neutralizer
Nilodor Neutralizer Super Concentrate
Bio-Enzymatic Urine Digester
Nilozyme Neutralizer & Drain Cleaner
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Trough Urinal Screens
Oxy-gen System
Fresh Air Cube
Fresh Air Clip
Desk Bins
Swing Top Bins
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Wheely Bins
Wheely Bins 80L
Wheely Bins 120L
Wheely Bins 140L
Wheely Bins 240L
Wire, Wall Mount, Sharps Bins
Gator Bins
Outdoor Bins
Smokers Bins
Garbags & Bin Liners
Standard Bin Liners
Compostable Bin Liners
Laundry / Locker Bags
Clinical Waste Bags
Scourers, Sponges, Wipes
Scourers & Scourer Sponges
Sponges & Sponge Cloths
Microfibre Wiping Cloths
Chux & Felt Style Wiping Cloths
Vehicle Sponges & Cloths
Vikan Premium Colour Coded Cleaning Tools for the Food Ind.
Floor Brooms
Floor Scrubs
Durable Pad Holders
Utility Pads To Suit Holders
Floor Squeegees
Classic Twin Blade
2C Twin Blade
Single Blade - Ultra
Ceiling Condensate Squeegees
Replacement Rubbers
Hand Scrubs & Brushes
Coloured Dust Control Mops
Handled Scrub Brushes
Dustpans/Bannister/Bench & Pastry Brushes
Tank Washing Brushes
Tube Cleaners
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Scrapers / Mixers
Shovels / Rakes / Forks
Wall Brackets
Hygienic System
Stainless Steel
Toolflex System
Picture Card Rails
Shadow Boards
Wash Down Products
Food Grade Buckets, Jugs, Cylinders
Measuring Jugs
Clear/White Jugs
Coloured Jugs
Measuring Cylinders
Food Processing Accessories
Digital Thermometers
Food Safety Products
S/Steel Strainers
S/Steel Sieves
S/Steel Whisks
Hose Cleaning Pigs
Foam & Scourer Pigs
Redskin Pigs
Food Safety Wear
Aprons & Lab Coats
Hair Nets & Beard Nets
Shoe & Sleeve Covers
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Flat Mops
Dustpans & Dust Brushes
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Sponges & Sponge Cloths
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Floor Pads 40cm
Floor Pads 42.5cm
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Ultra High Speed & Other Sizes Available - Please Enquire
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Detectable Bag Gripper

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This fully detectable, patent protected  bag & sack gripper offers a 100 mm sealing length for sealing bags and sacks with quick and easy access when required.


  L 245 mm